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Here are various views of the Aikido stance (Aikikai Aikido)

Front View (what the attacker gets to see)

Attacker is always in view. The defender's hands are raised, to offer protection against direct punches. Fingertips are at eye level. The defenders Back should remain straight as much as possible during the encounter so as to maintain defender's balance.

Side View.

Bottom View. Note the position of the defender's feet.

The tip of the right foot, along with the tip and heel of the left foot form a triangle. The heel of the right foot should be pointing to the arch of the left foot, to form the letter "T".

The reason for maintaining this stance is so that the attacker has very little of the defender to attack against, as compared to when the defender is facing the attacker head on. Also, this way the defender can step aside and avoid an on-coming attack more easily. Like when a drunk comes running at you. Allow the drunken person to come close enough to you so that he/she believes that you are doomed. Then step out of the way and allow them to pass you by. Like I said earlier, this takes practice... years of practice. However, some people do learn fast.

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