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Hi there! My name is Suraj Bramania I am an Indian Citizen Born and brought up in Kuwait. I have spent a couple of years in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), a couple more in Rochester New York and am currently in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have moved around a lot during my childhood years, I have been to seven schools during my moving process. Currently, I am studying at St. Mary's University. I am aiming to complete my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration by 2004. I recently became a permanent resident of Canada.The following picture shows my Grandmother, my Parents and myself.


Last summer (2001) my Parents came over to Rochester and we went for a visit to NYC. Here are a couple of pictures of the trip.

I had spent half of last summer (2001) looking for a job, it was getting difficult to find one, so I decided to go over to California, where I stayed with one of my good friends. During this time I decided to learn one of the martial arts that my friend believed was a good match for my character. This is when I first heard of Aikido. I went to a Dojo in Valencia (Santa Clarita Valley). Here is a picture of the dojo.

The Dojo

The dojo belongs to my Sense, Sense James Paulson Third dan in Aikikai Aikido. Here is a picture of him and me.

Sense And Me
Books I have read and would recommend:

The Art of War Sun Tzu
7 habits of highly effective people Stephen R. Covey
Code of the Samurai Thomas Cleary
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams

Movies I have watched and would recommend:

The Shawshank Redemption
Good Will Hunting
Men of Honor
Rules of Engagement
Rush Hour 1 and 2

      ©2001 Suraj Bramania.