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Notice that the human Skeleton has two bones which run parallel to each other to form the forearm. The aim of this technique is to twist one bone on top of the other so as to cause intense pain.

Once you have a really good grip on the forearm, pull the opponent in, so that his arm is bent at the elbow. Your goal, while making the bend in the opponent's elbow, is to reach a point where the hand is almost at a 90 degree angle with the forearm. The feel should be tight, almost like the arm does not want to move any more.

The next thing for you to do is, make sure the right side of your hand is as close to the base of the opponent's palm as possible (that would mean, your hand is as far away as possible form the opponent's elbow). This is done so as to gain maximum torque. The torque is created by twisting the forearm as far as it will go. The bones will begin to overlap each other as shown in the picture and thus cause a lot of pain to the opponent.

A view of the skeletal structure when the technique is performed on it.

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Watching a video might help you better understand the motion.

Let examine what happens to the human structure while applying this technique.
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