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Ever consider using the opponent's force against him/her?

I have practiced Aikido (a Japanese form of self defence, pronounced Ai-Kee-Dho) and have found it to be a very powerful expeience. The word Aikido translates to "Way of harmonious energy". A friend of mine told me that every person has a martial art that suits him or her, provided they are interested in martial arts. I know the basics movements and hope to learn more in time.

At the dojo where I had practiced, Isoyama American Aikido Academy under Sensei James Paulson, there was no stress on competition. We would practice together in a very respectful way. How did we improve? Simple, repetitive practice made the motion and movement second nature. Aikido is said to be one of the harder Martial arts to practice because it takes years to master and actually use while in combat.

On this page I plan to put up some of the basics that I know. Once again I would like to restate the fact that I am a student, who is still learning. So don't come chasing after me if you find something that you saw here that is different from what you are being taught in your Dojo. I am not responsible for the actions any one takes with the information that they find on this website. All the information found here is meant for knowledge purposes only. It will be a while before this page is completed. The information you find here is in no way supposed to be a substitute for practice (supervised under a formal trainer.)

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